Tithi Raaj who has worked in series Hadh and Untouchables, will play a very important role in The Screen Patti’s series, The Weekends.

Hadh fame Tithi Raaj in Screen Patti’s series, The Weekends

Actress Tithi Raaj who has been part of the web-series Hadh and Untouchables will be seen playing an interesting role in The Screen Patti’s (TSP) upcoming fun-series titled ‘The Weekends’. The series is directed by Harman Wadala.

As reported by IWMBuzz.com, The Weekends will be about three friends who will over a course of few weekends witness dramatic life-changing moments. The series will be a sitcom and will have a light and fun zone.

We wrote about actors Gurpreet Saini, Prabal Panjabi and Pranay Manchanda playing the central roles in the series.

We now have information about the beautiful and talented actress Tithi Raaj playing a psychologist.

As per sources, “Tithi’s character will bump into one of the guys, Gurpreet Saini over one of the weekends, and they will have an interesting story ahead.”

As for Tithi, this role was tailor-made for her, as she has pursued psychology and has done her Masters in it.

We buzzed Tithi, but could not get through to her.

We reached out to the spokesperson at TVF for a comment, but could not get a comment on the same.

Watch this space for more updates.

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