Kristen Stewart is ready to go look for hers for her role as Princess Diana in the upcoming film “Spencer” has gotten over the internet. The movie is about Princess Diana and her emotional story and talking about the point in her life.

The writer has considered Kristen Stewart for the role, Kristen Stewart is a very famous American actress. She earned her acceptance after her role as Bella Swan in the film series “The Twilight Saga” which grossed over 3.3 US Dollars worldwide. In the year 2010, she was also considered the highest-paid actress in the world. She received many accolades including Cesar Award which makes her the first American actress to ever win.

The movie Spencer is going to be released in the fall of the year 2021 which is just one year short of Princess Diana’s 25th death anniversary.

Princess Diana’s role played by Emma Corrin has also made her appearance in the Netflix series “The Crown”.