As AIB moves towards complete shutdown, the overwhelming feeling among its erstwhile members is one of sombre retrospection.

Tanmay Bhatt, ex-CEO of AIB, has posted a moving message on his Instagram account, accepting responsibility for the mess at AIB and admitting his failure as a leader and an individual in grave matters that required him to take a stand.

Yesterday, Ashish Shakya had posted a long, meloncholic message on his Instagram, confirming the heartbreaking news that AIB, for all practical purposes, is dead as of now.

Read below to get the gist of Ashish and Tanmay’s messages.

The hardest part about everything that has happened in the last 8 months is to come to terms with my own failings as a leader and as an individual. But I know that owning up, being vulnerable, and taking responsibility are the only ways to move forward. I am deeply sorry for the distress I’ve caused to my friends, and anyone affected by my actions. I am deeply sorry to my colleagues who’ve had to go through immense stress that I feel responsible for. I realise that in the past, I’ve failed to live up to ideals that I’ve propagated myself, and my resolve is to ensure that this never happens again. I ask that you believe my intentions in good faith while holding me to my words. If I make any lapses in judgement in the future, I welcome critique and accountability from followers of my work, both men and women. In any leadership capacity in the future I will strive to build spaces in which women feel welcomed, valued, safe, heard and nurtured. I am committing to a daily process of unlearning, rewiring, and learning. To those who continue to have faith in me — thank you for giving me this invaluable opportunity to change and grow. I want to now look forward and let my actions prove my growth. Thank you.