Actor and dancer Sudha Chandran has a new feather in her cap, turns producer!!

Sudha Chandran to produce a dance based web-series, ‘Raahe Anek Manzil Ek’

Talented actor and dancer Sudha Chandran is on the path to glorify the art of dance in her upcoming web-series, wherein she turns Producer for the first time!!

Titled ‘Raahe Anek Manzil Ek, the web-series will be a travel show on the theme of dance!!

Being an acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer herself, Sudha Chandran will be producing the series. She will also be the ‘sutradhaar’ who will take the viewers along, on the journey of dance.

Says Sudha to IWMBuzz, “Yes, I turn Producer for the first time. I will be the Producer and anchor and my husband Ravi Dang will be the director for the series. Obviously, when the thought of producing a web-series came in mind, the concept had to revolve around dance.”

“Through this series, we will cover all the states across the country, and talk about the various folklore and dance forms present in various parts of our country. Few of the popular folks are even becoming extinct these days. Hence it is important for us to be aware of all the facts. We will also be interviewing renowned Dance Gurus in our show, asking them about the changing phase of dance from the yester years till date. In simple words, the series will traverse the growth and decline of various arts forms of dance.”

Sudha Chandran is very much kicked about the project and has covered Maharashtra till now. “We will be going to every possible state, exploring the dance form there. We will be heading to Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal, Punjab, Delhi, North East etc. Since there is a lot of work involved, I have not yet thought about the platform the series will stream on. I plan to shoot and cover at least 2-3 states, before approaching certain platforms.”

Here’s wishing Sudha Chandran all the very best!!

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