Actor Vikram Acharya will be back to the acting sphere with The Screen Patti series, The Weekends.

Vikram Acharya returns to acting with The Screen Patti’s The Weekends

Actor turned filmmaker Vikram Acharya has been missing from the acting arena for a long time now!! He has been seen in a lot of TV shows like Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Veeranwali etc!!

The talented lad who had left television to take on his passion of film direction will now be seen facing the camera again after a long time!!

Yes, he will be part of The Screen Patti’s upcoming series, The Weekends. has already reported exclusively about actors Gurpreet Saini, Prabal Panjabi, Pranay Manchanda playing the central roles of the three friends who would go through the mis-adventure when they would plan something big for their weekends. We also wrote about actress Tithi Raaj being part of the series.

We now hear of Vikram Acharya playing a very interesting role, that of a bipolar boss of the three men Kevi, PPT and Pari at office.

As per sources, “The character of the boss will be very special as it will have a range of emotions which will not progress but will rather switch over.”

When contacted, Vikram confirmed the news to saying, “I had stopped doing acting gigs for a long time now. But when this offer came to me, I fell in love with the script. This is the kind of comedy I watch and enjoy doing.”

We also buzzed the spokesperson at TVF but did not hear from them.

The Weekends on TVF’s The Screen Patti will stream soon.

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