The two friends will feature in the music video.

Worshipp Khanna and Rumman Ahmed to feature in the music video ‘Takda Rehnda Hoon’

Actors Worshipp Khanna and Rumman Ahmed have been jamming together for quite some time on the musical front.

The two of them, who have been co-actors from the Zee TV show Sethji have a great tuning between them and have been working together to bring out their common interest by being part of the music video.

Just today, the Punjabi music video ‘Takde Rehnda Hoon’ has launched which is sung by Shahid Mallya, and directed by Krishna Dubey. The song has been launched by T-Series.

The song will be a light-hearted Punjabi one and the two of them showcase great on-screen chemistry being at their romantic best.

As we know, Rumman Ahmed is popular for her music video Khaab.

When contacted, Worshipp told us, “Yes, Rumman and I have been good friends and have a good tuning. Shooting for this video was real fun.”

Gear up to watch the music video of the duo!!

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