Well-known channel guy (Zee TV and UTV) and now Producer, Sukesh Motwani (Bodhi Tree), is also toying with the new digital format. “We had made a couple of shows in 2017. This year too, we have a few projects lined up; some have gone on the floors as well. We are in talks with all the players,” says Sukesh, who currently produces Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se, for Zee TV.

“As makers, we always love the challenge to make different kinds of content. Here, not only is the story grammar varied, but we also need to complete the story in 12 episodes. Remember, we are mostly used to making long-winding GEC shows.”

His other TV productions have included Nisha Aur Uske Cousins, Fear Files and Tedi Medi Family.

How different is web content from TV? “Well, web audience profile is more urban and youth. Having said that, like TV, we still require engaging content, with very high dramatic emotional hook points.”

When asked about the revenue model, he admitted, “Profits are still less. Right now, we are only building up our library. Very few big-budgeted web shows are being made, which are restricted to Bollywood biggie makers. A TV show, unlike digital, goes on for a long time and if it becomes popular, you end up making a neat little profit. The real monies will come down the road, when we figure out what works and what does not.”

Sukesh does not have major issues with s*x and sleaze on the web. “Considering the fact that we are a very conservative society, marketing teams use it as an attention-grabbing technique. This was there even in cinema, when certain amount of titillation was added for the courtesy of the front benchers. However, this trend won’t last long, for, at the end of the day, any story needs emotional attachment. Even a seductive plot requires great performances. The audience is very smart; it will reject unreal stuff.”

Sukesh goes on to add, “They try to justify the rampant abuse by saying this is how the youth talks. But even this façade is exposed if you take into account aesthetics, i.e. the above elements appear forced and not organic to the story. And if you have every character spewing Fs and Bs, you end up alienating a huge section of society, for not all youth abuse 24*7. Having said that, there will a few sex-based properties,” he ends.

Best of luck to you and team!!