Possessing similar entrepreneurial skills, Romy Johnson has set his sights on achieving superhero-levels of success

Inspired By Elon Musk, Romy Johnson Has Become A Young, Successful Entrepreneur

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is widely admired for visible entrepreneurship. His imagination and leadership skills have made him a superhero among many entrepreneurs. Another exceptional entrepreneur who has achieved extravagant success is Amazon’s, Jeff Bezos. Not many can be named in the same breath as the above-mentioned entrepreneurs, but some parallels can be drawn with one of the best emerging entrepreneurs of the next generation, he is Romy Johnson.

Romy Johnson is a 22-year old businessman, educationalist and an entrepreneur who is inspired and fascinated by Elon Musk and many such legendary businessmen of the world. He possesses similar characteristics of the legendary entrepreneur. Romy is an Indian born – Canadian who ventured into many businesses ranging from online marketing to training and educating. Romy is the owner and CEO of Cool Gurus, Fames Media, Xaare, and British India Academy.

The parallels between the two entrepreneurs lie in their entrepreneurial traits which are similar and that is what has catapulted to various levels of success. Below are listed the characteristics:

Imagination: As an entrepreneur, it is very important to think beyond the box, to imagine more than what meets the eye. Romy Johnson just like Mr Musk and had a fetish of imagining things for changing the future. This common trait helped him build the English learning and speaking academy back in his hometown of Kochi.

Persistence: After imagining, comes the implementation aspect, and just like Musk, Romy Johnson has been successful in implementing his imagination. For this, an entrepreneur needs persistence, to keep at it, until the goal you desired is realized.

Innovation: For entrepreneurs to establish their businesses, they need a key trait in their arsenal, innovation. Just like the big entrepreneurs, Romy Johnson can disrupt systems with his unique, innovative problem-solving skills which has given him success at an early age.

Commitment: When an entrepreneur dreams of a business idea or project, he must give his full commitment to that. Whole-heartedly, one must do everything they can, to realize the dream. This is also a common trait among the two entrepreneurs; they all are committed to their success.

Romy Johnson’s entrepreneurial skills do have a similarity with that of Elon Musk, and he is inspired by the journey of his seniors and wishes to embark on a similar path.

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