Rajan Shah talks on his next web venture…

As a producer, I want to make content which goes beyond my comfort zone and sensibilities: Rajan Shahi

Producer Rajan Shahi (Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata fame) is all set to dole out more web based content after the success of his two successful web shows, Love Sex and Viagra and Guddu Beds Guddun, under the banner First Kut Productions.

The next in line is a film titled Yolk and Kharaoch. Talking more about it Rajan says, “All have got very good responses. Now I am working on one more series based on the life a young boy struggling in the slums of Mumbai titled Kharaoch.  This interesting new medium is teaching us a lot,” shares Rajan with IndianWikiMedia.

But Love Sex and Viagra is not something one will associate with brand Rajan, which mostly means family content.

“Yes, as a producer I also want to make content which goes beyond my comfort zone and sensibilities.  Hence, I have given full freedom to my young team to come up with their own stories under the aegis of new company First Kut Productions. The web does give us the freedom to offer differentiated content.”

But is digital not full of sex and abuse?  “Well, it differs from story to story.   While Love Sex and Viagra was a more urban show which did have certain undertones.  Yolk and Guddu Weds Guddun are delicate and quirky takes on extra marital affairs and Indian weddings respectively.  On the other hand our above new show has nothing to do with the same.  So it is not that we are limiting our vision to just one type of narrative.  Kharaoch has already been shot and we hope to go on air next month.”

Here, Rajan accepts that web revenues are not great, “Yes, the process is slow . I rather see it more about brand building and long term strategy.”

In closing, Rajan wishes all readers of IWM a happy Diwali, “I will ring in the festival of lights with the cast and crew of Yeh  Rishta which has gone to become the longest running Indian daily  TV show.  We will have a havan and puja on set tomorrow. ”

We wish Rajan a happy diwali too.

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