In conversation with TVF’s Sameer Saxena

Yeh Meri Family is a very special project and close to our heart: Sameer Saxena, CCO and Head-TVF Originals

CCO and Head-TVF Originals, Sameer Saxena, says he feels happy that TVF has been a leader in the space of web entertainment.

TVF, which created popular web-series like Permanent Roommates, Tripling, will soon launch Yeh Meri Family.

Talking about the project, he adds, “Yeh Meri Family is a very special project and close to our heart. We wanted some time on this endeavour and did not want to finish it in hurry. We wanted to make a show wherein we wanted everyone to relate with the family that we will have in the series. Be it on TV or web, we all have not seen a proper family show for a long time now. Later, we also wanted to bring the simplicity in the show hence we got the 90s era.”

Commenting on the casting of the show, he adds, “The characters are very down to earth and are relatable to the audience. Mona Singh and Akarsh Khurana perfectly fit the character hence we roped them in. Harshu’s (Vishesh Bansal) casting was very difficult as he’s the protagonist of the series.”

TVF has a strong youth audience, so will they watch a family show? “Youth will love this series. The core thought of Yeh Meri Family is universal, audience across across ages audience will love it. We want all to watch this show with their family. I feel digital is creating only one kind of content which youth can’t watch with their family. Hence, this fills the gap.”

He further adds, “It feels good that TVF began the trend of web shows. Now, there is a lot of competition and hence our responsibility has increased. We find it very tough to create content as we have to keep in mind the competition with other platforms. We are not against bold content but if we have a strong story then we might go ahead or else to merely grab eyeballs, I don’t think, we will be creating bold series.”

Good luck Sameer!

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