Memes are fun, let's see how far we could relate to Mirzapur on Holy Holi!

Best Mirzapur memes on Holi that you relate to

Memes are the ultimate chartbuster for the entire human race, they are an absolute relief after a long tiresome day. In fact, there are famous Facebook pages earning millions with their wide range of memes.

Mirzapur, the family acquainted crime thriller has amassed a massive hype in recent years! It deals with drugs, guns and anarchy. It exemplified the power of the mafias in UP.

Breaking through on 2018 it has won MTV IWMBuzz Digital Awards in 2019.

Mirzapur Memes are on the buzz in all these hullabaloos, with Holi approaching and people excited about colours, Mirzapur memes are absolutely relevant.

Folks are already ranting over the social media with the Holi Mirzapur memes!

Here are some that we made for Holi, check them out and let us know if you find them relatable!

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