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Mr. Faisu is one of the most-loved by eveyone

And this is why Faisu is crush of the month

Faisal Shaikh, professionally known as Mr. Faisu, is a popular TikTok superstar, and is also a model and fashion blogger with a lot of fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He has millions of Instagram followers and also thousands of fan following on TikTok.

This Mr. Right stuff has a crowd-pleasing smile and looks, and with his spike hairstyle and great fashion sense, he has girls swooning all over him. Not only are females crushing over him, but even numerous male fans follow him for his hairstyle and modeling shoots at exotic locations that have made him an inspirational figure. Needless to say, not only in India, he is popular globally and has inspired many fans.This 21-year-old loves riding, modeling and exploring.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, don’t you think this Mumbaikar is a truly inspirational figure and a fashion nest? No doubt, we can label him the crush of the month. Do you think he is a real cutie and chocolate boy? Let us know in the comments below. For more updates, keep exploring

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