Check why the cute couple Jannat and Faisu are the power couple.

Faisu and Jannat, the Power Couple

Faisu, the hot TikTok star, is the internet’s new crush and girls have been swept off their feet by his street-smart style and cute yet dashing looks. Faisu is the new TikTok superstar who has risen to fame with his marvelous TikTok videos. Faisu has been making news since then.

Faisu has also made it to an elite list of top 10 influencers in India. Just like most influencers, Faisu too has been extremely popular among teenagers, especially teenaged girls. He is adored and loved by his fans, and is the knight in shining armor for young girls.

Jannat Zubair is one of the youngest celebrities of Indian television, yet is very popular among the audience. Jannat has gained immense popularity by her chic style and cute dancing moves.

Their sizzling chemistry has gained many viewers. Though it is not quite the obvious way of chemistry, the way the actors work with each other is simply amazing. They have been spending a lot of time together. The pair has also shared their pictures on their social media.

They are no doubt, a Power Couple.

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