TikTok is a famous app that has created a craze in the youth of India. In fact, there was turmoil in India when the app was banned in the country.

Faisu is the perfect heartthrob

TikTok is a platform not only for the youth but also for adults, to showcase their talent. It has introduced us to multi-talented stars like Faisu.

Faisal Mudassir Shaikh, famous as Mr. Faisu, is a popular TikTok star, model and fashion blogger. He is one of the top 10 TikTok users of the world. He gained fame for his short and funny videos. The way he performs lip-syncs in his videos and makes them professional has gained him a huge number of fans.

Faisu is ruling social media and girls swoon over him for his windswept hairstyle and sexy looks. He has millions of followers on his Instagram handles. He is also loved for his fashion sense. Faisu is a style icon for the youth. He keeps his Instagram updated daily with his pictures in outstanding styles. He is crowned as a Muser for being an ace comedian.

Mr. Faisu is sexy, witty, stylish and charming- all at the same time! He is a heartthrob.
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