Let’s check Team 07’s recent funny moments' trail 

Faisu And Team 07 BTS Funny Moments

Faisu and his Team 07 have been on the top of the news when it comes to TikTok. Youngsters love them a lot. Team 07 has always amazed us with their style, fashion and talent. They have entertained us with their back to back music videos as well. The best thing about the team is they never departed; their unity amazes us.

If you are yet to discover who the members are, well here is a brief!

Faisu aka Faisal Sheikh, the founder member of Team 07, who is a renowned TikTok star and a YouTuber. He has earned more than 28million followers on TikTok and has achieved more than a million subscribers on YouTube. He is a well-known, fashion blogger, travel blogger, model and actor.

Hasnain Khan, is a well-known TikTok star, model, fashion blogger. He is very close to Faisu and a great friend. He is very stylish and classy. Young girls love him a lot.

Adnaan Sheikh, he too is a well-known TikTok star, very stylish, especially loved for his unique hairstyle. Adnaan is a grand dancer as well. He is extremely talented and has earned millions of followers on TikTok.

Faiz Baloch, another pillar or team 07, and a debonair, who is adored for his hot and fit look. He is a model and a social media influencer. Youth finds him as an inspiration.

Shadan Farooqui, tall and handsome Shadan is also a TikTok star. He is adored by his fans. He is a true inspiration for the young minds of the country. He is one of the top TikTokers in India.

Here are some pics of the team down below!

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