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Check Faisal Sheikh’s Iconic Fashion Moments

Faisu’s Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Is it just a coincidence that Fashion and Faisu both start with “F” or is it the destiny! It is like Fashion comes so natural to Faisu also known as Mr Faisu. Faisu has exemplified style and fashion like a Boss, and that too in the 21st century.

If you are not aware of who Faisu is, then you are definitely living somewhere back, because Faisu is the coolest fashion blogger, who is unexpectedly famous among the youth of the country. Faisu aka Faisal Sheikh, better known as Mr Faisu is the creator of team 07. Faisu is a TikTok star, who has earned more than 25million followers on TikTok.

Mr Faisu has begun from a humble start, who used to earn only Rs 50 per day and now owns a BMW, he is an incredibly talented actor, fashion blogger and a model, he has done a couple of music videos that are still getting millions of views and likes every day. Mr Faisu also hitting high with his ever first show “Tu Karta Kya Hai”, where he invites other fellow TikTokers and organise a Q and A session with them, it is super fun to watch. The show is chaneled through the YouTube channel, “It’s Immo”.

With all that, it is no news that Faisu is also adored for his overawing fashion game, his wind-swept style has made the young ladies’ hearts throb, and his fashion moments are absolutely framing worthy!

Here are some of his Iconic fashion Moments, check the pics below and let us know in the comments, what do you feel about it!

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