Is Faisu the real fashionista?

Faisu’s Style Game: Yes or No?

Faisal Shaikh aka Mr. Faisu is a TikTok star. He is also a fashion blogger and a famous social media star. He is listed in the top 10 TikTokers in the world. He is well known for the perfection in lip sync and his funny short TikTok videos. He makes sure his followers enjoy his videos and has triumphed 21M+ TikTok followers.

Mr.Faisu is mostly seen in impressive hair bangs that are styled in his own perfect way. His fashion and unique hairstyles has a separate fan base. He has gained more than 7M Instagram followers.

Have a look at his Instagram account where you will be able to see him in different hairstyles and looks.

He is a real fashionista. His new styles are getting a lot of attention and he is the new crush on the internet.

Have a look at his eye-catching pictures on his style game which you will surely love and stay tuned to for more!

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