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Fashion Lessons We Learn from Faisu’s Instagram Profile

Faisu aka Faisal Sheikh is also known Mr Faisu, who is the founder of team 07, a well-known TikTok star all over the country has earned more than 25million followers on TikTok. He is an extremely talented actor, and also a fashion blogger and a model. He is famous for his classy wind-swept a hairstyle, and fashion choices. Young girls love for his ecstatic looks and hot body. Mr Faisu has begun his ever first show “Tu Karta Kya Hai”, where he invites other fellows TikTok and organise a Q and A session with them, it is super fun to watch. The show is chaneled through the YouTube the channel, “It’s Immo”.

Faisu is not just a great actor but he is a popular digital model, fashion blogger and dancer. Faisu is an inspiration to the youth of the nation, for be it fitness or style, Faisu happens to be the first choice of all. Faisal Sheikh is a true gentleman and therefore loved by the young girls of the TikTok community, his videos never fail to spread awareness with humour.

Faisu’s Instagram profile has been on news lately. His Insta posts are super cool and trendy. Especially his fashion posts on Instagram is making youth go gaga over him. His Instagram profile had earned a whopping 12.1 million subscribers. And he is completely worth it.

Here are some of his Instagram post, from where you could learn of the coolest fashion trends.

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