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Check to see some grand looks Faisu, that are worth to get highlighted.

Highlights from Faisu’s Fashion

Fashion and Faisu, these two things always go together. Faisu is tempting and extremely stylish and youth love his fashion choices and style. And it is no news now, that Faisu is one of the well-known fashion bloggers in the nation, followed by millions. Today we have lined up some of Faisu’s best looks down beneath, collected from his Instagram account.

1. Casually Coherent- Anytime you choose to wear casual, be as coherent and stylish like Faisu is looking in here. Faisu is slaying it! With the perfect hairstyle, perfect black shades, perfect bluish hoodie on an orange t-shirt, paired with black track pants, and white sneakers. And of course, posing with perfection. His casual fashion game is love, and we still wonder how he manages to get it every time.


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If your life is worth thinking about,it is worth writing about. . #keepgoing #keepmotivating #faisusquad❤️ #kbye

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2. Airport looks- Faisu’s airport looks have been a delight to watch altogether. In this pic, he chose to be formal at the airport, and he looks absolutely gorgeous in it. With a colourful printed shirt paired with a grand blue chino. Check it out!


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wherever you go, go with all your’e heart ✌🏻 . #keepgoing #keepmotivating #faisusquad❤️ #kbye

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3. Playing with colours- Here Faisu is wearing a gorgeous Kurta that has three distinctive colours to look at, with the perfect background at the back, Faisu is looking absolutely gorgeous in the kurta, keeping his wind-swept hairstyle intact.

4. Travel like a boss- Faisu is wearing a cool and casual T-shirt, paired with a denim cargo, that has gotten cool prints on it, the pic was taken somewhere in the mid-river, while he was traveling and fishing, in Meghalaya. We are loving his fishing fashion look here!

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