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Mithila Palkar VS Arishfa Khan: Who Has the Sexiest Curve?

All women have curves and moreover, womanhood has to be celebrated, in all shapes and sizes. Mithila Palkar and Arishfa Khan both are immensely beautiful, successful and vivacious.

Mithila Palkar, the Marathi girl, known for her long curly hair and her adorable smile, she is not only an amazing actress but also a singer if you are still unaware, then go and check her cup song. Mithila Palkar is the most famous digital actress among the youth of the nation.

Arishfa Khan, the young beauty has surpassed every notion of beauty. She is a famous TikTok star, known for her baby-like voice. Arishfa is bold and beautiful. Her TikTok videos are quite popular among the youth of the country.

Both the stars look unexpectedly sexy in pics, here are some!

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