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[IN PIC] Best moments of Faisu and Team 07

Team 07 is very renowned on TikTok, Faisal Sheik being the author of the group is the most venerated one, aside from Faisu, the group forms solid with Hasnain, Faiz, Adnaan Shaikh and Shadan Farooqui.

Their team was questioned on its integrity after they became vocal about Tabrez’s murder case (Tabrez Ansari, who was brutally lynched by an evil mob), and was seeking for justice, saying, “Innocent Tabrez was killed but if Tabrez’s son grows up and take revenge then Muslim shouldn’t be termed as terrorists”. Well, that’s the blunder they had put up and got banned by the govt, not the team but some of the members, which included, Faisu! It was indeed a controversial statement, and to some extent illicit too. Communal disbalance creates hatred, so, everything has to be said and marked with responsibility. And Faisu came up with an apology later on, which proved his clear intention, and fans came out to his support.

Recently Faisu got his account back to the row and is making us smile with his great chronicles once again. It is an absolute delight to watch the team perform together.

We wish them success!

Here we have listed some of their best team moments, check!

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