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These pictures of Faisu will take your breath away.

When these pictures of Faisu took our breath away

The TikTok sensation Faisu has been hitting the charts with his new music video Fruity Lagdi Hai, featuring him and Jannat Zubair, sung by the music powerhouse Ramji Gulati. He also topped the charts with the previous track Tharak, featuring him and sung by Mamta Sharma and Nakash Aziz.

Faisu, with his cute smile and his power packed swag, has been able to win the hearts of many. His entry in Ace of Space was the talk of the town. His mates surprised Adnan Shaikh on the show, which showed that how tight their group is and how much they adore each other.

Faisu is known for his funky hairstyle, and his energy is spoken about a lot. He has a unique way of presenting himself, which makes him adorable. His dance moves have been driving everyone crazy. His videos are trending at No.1 on YouTube. Fans love him so much. His videos are showered with compliments.

Faisal Shaikh, aka Mr. Faisu, has constantly been in the limelight. The 25 year old TikTok star has been killing the entertainment industry with his hunky personality. He is a gym freak. He has shared his hot gym videos on Instagram, driving the fans crazy.

We wanna know when the next music video or any masterpiece will be dropped by our favourite.

Till that time, check out the cute pictures of Faisu below.

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