Founder of TVF, Arunabh Kumar along with India’s biggest Creators Bhuvan Bam and Prajakta Kohli start an initiative #CreatorsforWorkers for daily wage earners during Corona.

Arunabh Kumar, Bhuvan Bam and Prajakta Kohli join hands to serve Corona affected daily wagers

As India continues to follow the lockdown due to coronavirus, many celebrities have reached forward to all the daily wage earners by helping them in any way that they can. And amongst the people who have stood up to help is Arunabh Kumar, the founder of The Viral Fever (TVF) and a pioneer for online content who has started an initiative #CreatorsForWorkers along with fellow New Media Entrepreneurs like Gurpreet Singh, Founder of One Digital and other top creators to help the blue-collar workers during this lockdown period and the fight after. He along with his Foundation, have come up with an innovative technique to reach out to the nationwide workers and explain them good habits using, what he knows best, viral content.

Talking about this initiative and why he felt it was necessary to be done for the daily wage earners, Arunabh said, “Everyone is doing their best to help those in need by providing monetary help or donating medical help and other necessities to the underprivileged. After working with local groups to help these workers, I realized, that the workers, who are lifelines of India, need to be made aware of the pandemic in a more effective fashion. While all of us are sharing message in English & Hindi, its not reaching to these workers in their own local or regional language, and a lot is lost in translation. We saw it necessary that the information needs to reach them in their local language and dialect. That’s the insight that I along with my Creator Friends believe in and want to reach out to them using Whatsapp, so that they understand the problem as over 70 Crore Indians connected to workers are critical in fighting this war against Corona and for that they need to have the information they can appreciate, which we have tried to spread amongst all.”

Bhuvan Bam said, “It’s an idea which can actually help the people who have no presence on social media. Explaining them the seriousness of the situation in their own language will hopefully make things better for their family and friends.”

Prajakta Koli, (AKA MostlySane) said that, the thousands of housemaids in Mumbai can understand the habits to fight Corona in their local lingo much better and she believes change has to begin at grassroots.

The initiative will include loved content creators from across the country who will shoot a video in their native language explaining all the instructions that need to be followed by everyone in this time of need. Creators like Bhuvan Bam (BB KiVInes), BeYouNick, MostlySane(Prajakt Kohli), Lalit Shokeen, Neetu Chandra, Sanjay Mishra, Nidhi Bisht, RJ Abhilash, MAanvi Gagroo and many more have shown support for this initiative.

#CreatorsForWorkers will see all the loved celebrities coming together to help the daily wage workers through these videos.