TVF (The Viral Fever) has once again mesmerized the audience with their latest web series, ‘Very Parivarik’, which marks their first foray into the realm of daily weekly content. The show has received an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers since its debut. While the first three episodes were well received, the fourth episode has climbed to the top of YouTube’s trending list within just 10 hours of its release, garnering a fantastic response.

Fans are showing a lot of love for TVF’s ‘Very Parivarik’ series, which depicts the story of a modern-day couple navigating life with their parents. The initial episodes have been very successful, and the latest episode, “Khatiya स्टैंडिंग,” is creating a buzz across the internet. The creators celebrated this achievement on social media, sharing their excitement with the caption:”The fam is so lit that they are number #1 on the YouTube trending list📈✨.”

Link to Instagram post:

TVF's 'Very Parivarik' Episode 4 Khatiya स्टैंडिंग - Bistar Gone, Trends at No. 1 on YouTube Within 10 Hours of Release! 891254

In addition to their ongoing success, TVF continues to push boundaries with newer and grander stories. Their latest announcement, “The Great Indian Code”, delves into India’s IT revolution of the 70s and 80s, promising yet another captivating narrative.

VF has made its mark in the global list of top 250 TV shows on IMDb, with an exceptional seven entries, surpassing any other content producer from the nation. Fans of popular shows such as “Panchayat”, “Kota Factory”, and “Gullak” can look forward to new seasons, in addition to a range of interesting new content scheduled for release in 2024.

Furthermore, TVF is gearing up for their biggest year yet in 2024. They have achieved unparalleled success across different platforms and have generated a lot of excitement for their upcoming projects. By constantly innovating and pushing boundaries in the digital entertainment space, TVF is setting new benchmarks for Indian content creation and cementing their position as pioneers in the industry.