The Screen Patti (TSP), a The Viral Fever (TVF) channel, has garnered immense love and appreciation from viewers across the country for its exceptional content filled with dollops of humor, especially catering to millennials hunting for quality content to spend their unwinding hours. The New Age channel is all set to deliver yet another entertainment package to its viewers with its upcoming web show ‘Weekends’, portraying the story of three absolutely different young men working in the same office, trying to make some valuable time to have fun, find love and make money.

Directed by Harman Wadala and written by Parikshit, Talha, Jatin & Shivam, the show features renowned personalities from the entertainment industry – Gurpreet Saini as Pari, Prabal Punjabi as Kevin and Pranay Manchanda (from The Aam Aadmi Family) as Rakesh aka PPT – will be essaying the role of three millennial men working together.

‘Weekends’ is a comedy that reveals the plight of millennials in their workspace, trying to find that elusive work-life balance. Constantly juggling the demands of their office and their desire to have fun, the hallowed ground of the weekend is where the lines are drawn. A working weekend completely messes with their zen. The only thing that gets them going is a weekend spent doing what their hearts desire.

Harman Wadala, Director said – “The initial thought behind this series was to highlight the significance of weekends in our lives and lighting up the faces of our viewers with laughter. We start planning our weekends beforehand since it is akin to rejuvenation time, listening to our hearts instead of minds. I find myself lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work with such talented artists and crew on the set. It was the most fun set with the writers & actors having each detail planned. The actors were so into it that on the last day on set, we played a prank on Gurpreet & Monica, who play Paritosh & Tithi. We kept asking for retakes on the last shot for variations, and the actors happily kept giving them – till the time the entire crew jumped into the show and shouted “It’s a wrap”. The actors were taken completely by surprise! I hope the audience will enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed shooting it”

Parikshit & Talha, (Writers, TSP’s Weekends) reminisced, “The inception of the show happened in 2017 with all of us cribbing about how we are very excited about our Weekends but they never turn out to be as amazing as our imagination. So we placed 3 characters on the same journey and wrote the stories of their comedic errors with a pinch of drama.”

Jatin & Shivam (Writers, TSP’s Weekends) said, “Since we had a bunch of 3 boys which is pretty cliché for any bro-mantic story, we decided on introducing weirdly lovable surrounding characters like a bipolar Boss, a touchy guard, an innocent intern and a psychologist with anger issues. The freshness of the characters is what excites us about the show as writers and we hope the audience will love them too as we do.”

Amrit Raj Gupta, Channel Head – The Screen Patti said, “Weekends is a show about three men and them being torn between work and their personal lives, that often take a beating because of unwanted assignments at ungodly hours. We have a terrific cast on board that has delivered a stellar performance.”

Tune in to watch three young men learn the art of juggling their personal and professional lives and making memories along the way, starting 28th September. The 5-episode show will be released on TVFPlay (2 episodes initially) and YouTube, with one episode going live every Friday.

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