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Black is the bomb now, who looks more sultry? Aashika or Mithila or Avneet? Let’s find out!

Aashika Bhatia VS Mithila Palkar VS Avneet Kaur: Who is more sultry in Black outfits?

Black is beauty, isn’t it? The darkness and mysticism of the color, draw one’s eyes every time and everywhere. Be it outfits or the night sky black symbolizes the unflinching attributes. Black is no more considered to be unlucky, from celebrities to common people all are breaking it to black now!

We have three stunning actresses lined up looking gorgeous in their black outfits.

Aashika Bhatia

The young and famous actor who has made big through TikTok in recent days has been well known since she was a kid. She was a star then she is now as well. Aashika has been bold and upright with her statements and choices. She is confident and determined, she aptly knows how to handle her haters and stardom. She has mastered the art of making the viewers smile. We also know her for her body positivity takes. Aashika is an absolute stunner when it comes to fashion. Her attires not only inspires the young fashionistas, but also a basic young girl, who is unsure and conscious about her outlook.

Here is Aashika in Black, killing it with all her Rockstar aristocracy.

Mithila Palkar

The viral cup song girl, who wowed the world with her talent on YouTube, is winning hearts with her damn cute smile and curly hair. She gives us major hair goals, every time she flaunts her black long curly hair, we crave for it. She made a hit with her web series, called “Little Things” gained her love and admiration. Her sunshine like a smile is something we die for. Her simplicity and elegance ensures her royalty and surpasses all the negative vibes and stress.

Here is Mithila in black, ethnicity lying all inside

Avneet Kaur

The young honey face, who has gained popularity not only through small screens but through big screens as well. The Mardaani actor has won several hearts with her phenomenal acting skills. Currently, she is the protagonist in Aladdin and has gained popularity over TikTok. Her charm and chocolate-box face have overawed us so many times. She looks stunning in all her attires, undoubtedly.

Here is Avneet in black, bold black!

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