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This social media mogul is self made and one of the most popular men in the country. But, where does he come from?

Ashish Chanchlani’s early life and education

Ashish Chanchlani, the YouTube star, has been absolutely sensational over the last few years. With over 15 million subscribers cumulated over the last 5 years, he has become one of the most important figures in the Indian paradigm of the internet. His success knows no bounds and his popularity is seamless and unending. He started making videos in 2015, following in the footsteps of famous western YouTubers who started this trend. He used this opportunity to make an Indianized version of the same and that blew up almost immediately. His social media handle and posts have further helped in propelling his popularity to another level.

However, his journey began much sooner than you’d know. He is originally from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, where his parents owned a multiplex, which allowed him to watch a lot of movies whilst growing up. Before he started his journey as a hard-core youtuber, he used to study Civil Engineering at the Datta Megha College in Navi Mumbai.

During the course of this, he started making videos for social media purposes and he also started making “Vines” and he slowly transitioned into being a full-fledged Youtuber and being one of the most recognised Internet personalities in the country.

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