Who do you want to see with CarryMinati - Ashnoor Kaur or Avneet Kaur?

Ashnoor Kaur VS Avneet Kaur: Next video feature with CarryMinati?

CarryMinati, the popular YouTuber, is known for his distinctive and energetic Hindi-language commentary. He is mainly involved in creating satirical parodies and comedy, apart from live gaming. CarryMinati started posting videos on YouTube since he was 10 years old. He has gained over 15.3 million subscribers. His videos are in Hindi, which gives him the advantage of catering to a larger section of the Indian audience.

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Now, if he plans to make a new video, who should feature in his next video – Ashnoor Kaur or Avneet Kaur?

Ashnoor is a popular TV actress who is known for her acting chops in Patiala Babes. The actress also makes fun videos for her fans and keep them entertained. CarryMinati and Ashnoor can collaborate and make an interesting video for their fans.

On the other hand, Avneet Kaur is a popular TikTok star. She also features in TV show Aladdin. CarryMinati and Avneet’s jodi would be hit and they can churn out interesting content for their beloved followers.

Who do you want to see with CarryMinati? Comment below and let us know.
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