Amazon Prime Web Series Mirzapur created quite a buzz when it came out. The Indian web series is a crime thriller that revolves around drugs, guns, politics full of violence and dark humor.

Mirzapur has been touted as the perfect gangster drama. This dark, gritty web series is so on point, it had us all glued to the screens.

Well, if you haven’t watched the season 2 of Mirzapur yet and are planning to not watch it anytime soon then you should definitely check out these fiery dialogues and we assure you that they will ignite your excitement to another level.

“Hindi philam ke hero hain hum, humein koi nahi maar sakta, hum amar hain…” – Munna

“Taqleef unki nahi jo chale jaate hain, taqleef unki hoti hai jo peeche reh jaate hain…” –Lala

“Jo aaya hai, wo jayega bhi bas marzi humari hogi…” – Kaleen Bhaiya

“Sala sab jagah ki shadi mein DJ chalta hai, lekin humare U.P ki shadi mein goli chalti hai..” – C.M Surya Pratap Yadav

“Gaddi pe chaahe hum rahein ya Munna, niyam same hoga..” -Kaleen Bhaiya

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