TikTok as a medium of social media and entertainment has taken off. And, with it. So many stars. One of them is of course our beloved Faisu.

Best TIKTOKER of the Day: Faisu

The famous TikTok star has made most of us wonder about his phenomenal abilities, although he has showcased most of them on his popular social media handle. His ability to grab the attention of the people, be it with his looks or his dancing abilities or the quirky videos that he uploads, is second to none.

His videos usually include him showcasing his dancing abilities or dubbing a popular movie dialogue or he talks of promoting some of his work or he involves himself in some patriotic conversation. His videos, to say the least, are very interesting, even though some might say his best work lies ahead of him. He has produced solid content over the last few years and now it’s time to reward him for the same. So, our award for the day. Goes to the social media king himself, after a rigorous and intense discussion. We’ve decided to give the award of ‘Best TikToker of the Day’ to Faisu.

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