Carry Minati is one of the most renowned and revered YouTubers in the country. Especially for his great gaming prowess.

CarryMinati: The best gaming YouTuber CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)

CarryMinati has been absolutely spot on for the last couple of years. He’s such an important influence on the gamer scene in this country. His videos are funny and at times relatable. And, his gaming skills are something that no-one can take away from him. He’s an incredibly skilled and dexterous talker and an even better gamer.

He usually indulges in active shooter type games, with the likes of COD and PUBG on his special configured computer. And, the way he plays these games is something that one should definitely watch. His hand to eye coordination is unreal. There is no surprise that he has so many followers on his channel. Since he is so incredibly talented at doing his work as a YouTuber.

So, we appreciate him for doing that. And, we here at IWMBuzz wish him all the best.

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