CarryMinati or Faisu, who do you think is richer? Take your call.

CarryMinati Vs Faisu: Who Is Richer?

CarryMinati the stunning persona on YouTube is a winner all the way!! His channels soar high and the fan following that he garners for his work on YouTube is immensely strong.

CarryMinati and CarryIsLive the channels of Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati have made his extremely popular that he gets richer with every passing day.

As per a report in media, CarryMinati’s total net worth is around the US $3.8 Million which is roughly equivalent to 27 Crores INR.

Faisu the TikTok star who is slowly and steadily making inroads on YouTube was recently in a tug of war with CarryMinati over the YouTube Vs TikTok battle.

Faisu who has had huge accomplishments to his credit with his works on TikTok is immensely popular. His net worth we believe is in the bracket of 40-50 lakhs and his social media influencing capabilities are quite high.

So are you convinced about who is richer?

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