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Who will win this ongoing TikTok Vs YouTuber battle between CarryMinati and Faisu. Read here.

CarryMinati Vs Faisu: Who Will Win The TikTok Vs YouTube War?

The tug of war between YouTuber CarryMinati and TikTok star Faisu has been peaking with every passing day.

All that started after CarryMinati roasted the TikTok celebrities with a video on his platform, wherein he flamed them!!

This was not taken easily by the TikTok lover and they came back heavily at CarryMinati.

Later CarryMinati told one and all that he was actually threatened by TikTok star Faisu after which Faisu put up a long explanation post on his Instagram page.

Now that the flames of the fight are spread far and huge, we need to keep a tab on who is getting closer to winning this battle!!

Today is an important day for Faisu as he is a verified YouTuber now, and this adds to insult for CarryMinati.

We now wonder who will hit the next nail in the coffin and how?

As we keep a tab of all the happenings, we wonder who will ultimately win this Battle of the Biggies.

Will it be Faisu and TikTok winning it or will it be YouTuber CarryMinati overpowering?

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Watch this space at for updates.

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