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Faisu's game in fashion has been on point for years now. And, he has done so much. But, we all remember that fateful day when he didn't live up to his mark.

When Faisu disappointed us with his fashion game

Faisu is a multi-talented man who can act and dance very well. Who can forget the wacky hairstyle that he boasts? Faisu has been active on social media. He constantly stays in touch with his fans through events, interviews, live chats. His fans have loved all his looks and avatars over the years.

His looks and his personality have gotten him very far in the world. His reputation as a social media influencer has taken off, to say the least. Faisu’s posts and videos are endearing and showcase a lot of his talents in many aspects. It’s not just about his dancing and acting abilities, but more than that, the ability to tap into the pulse of the masses, which is truly the greatest skill of all.

But, some people have been very critical of this very style statement that he makes. And, there have been mixed reviews to the whole thing. Especially that one time where he didn’t live up to his own high standards. Faisu has made himself available to the fashion industry quite intricately. And, it is granted that his fashion sense won’t always click with the people. But, that is the only speck in his otherwise clean portfolio as a model.

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