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Faisu is often known as the man with a wacky hairdo but if you know him far more than that, answer these 5 questions.

Faisu fan? Test your trivia with this quiz!

Faisu, the social media star, is very well known for his Instagram and his TikTok videos. His looks and his personality have gotten him very far in the world. His reputation as a social media influencer has taken off, to say the least. Faisu’s posts and videos are endearing and showcase a lot of his talents in many aspects. It’s not just about his dancing and acting abilities, but more than that, the ability to tap into the pulse of the masses, which is truly the greatest skill of all. He has the ability to find a new way to entertain his fans every day and that is something that is not only rare but also unfathomable to achieve. Though many believe the world of social media is fickle and dicey, Faisu has still made his mark and stuck to his guns, something only few are able to achieve.

Now, here’s a quiz for you and only the most hardcore fans can get them all right:

(1) When is his birth date?
(2) Where did he go to school and college?
(3) What are his favourite sports and who are his favourite sportsmen?
(4) What are his favourite hobbies?
(5) Who are his favourite singers?

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