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Faisal ”Faisu” Shaikh has been a monumental performer on the social medias and has made his presence felt. Time and again. Let’s understand where he is coming from.

Faisu: The most followed Indian on TikTok

“Mr. Faisu”, a man who truly needs no introduction. His presence on social media and his talents are something that can’t be ignored or turned a blind eye to. His popularity knows no bounds. His looks are not the only things that attract people though. He’s a multi-talented man who can act and dance very well. Who can forget the wacky hairstyle that he boasts?

He is one of the most loved online models and actors who rose to fame with TikTok and YouTube. He is quite popular among his male and female fans for his wind-swept hairdo. He has a massive fan following on TikTok. And most of his TikToks include impressions, humor, dance moves and videos that are funny and sometimes patriotic in nature. Apart from his work, Faisu has a whole different fan base for his sharp features like his long hair, dark eyes and a million-dollar smile. However, what we really can’t get over is his perfectly fit body that we are all dying to know the secret to, and his super trendy sense of style which always looks bright in terms of style as well as color, whether formal or casual.

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