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Faisu VS Heer Naik: Who is most popular TikToker?

Talking of TikTok, we can’t forget our favourite TikTok star Faisal Sheikh aka Mr Faisu the founder of team 07. Faisu is extremely hardworking, his TikTok videos are a delight to watch. He has earned more than 28million followers on TikTok and has earned millions of followers on Instagram too. He is quite famous among the young girls, who love him for his style and hot body. Faisu is the style icon for the youth of the country. He has recently launched his vlog channel on YouTube, and he already earned over 400k subscribers, his first vlog on Shillong explore has hit more than 4million views already.

Heer Naik is an Indian TikTok star. She is just 21 years old and already hitting high at such a young age. She was into TikTok since the app was known as musically. She has eventually earned a huge fan following on the social media platforms. With time, she became popular and a youth icon. She has splendid acting skills; she is also a grand dancer. Her TikTok videos are proof! Heer Naik has earned more than 3 million followers on TikTok. She is extremely beautiful and aptly knows how to dazzle her audience with style and beauty. We love to watch her and wish her all the best.

Now to decide who is the best TikToker, Faisu or Heer Naik, would be hard, as both of them are extraordinarily talented. But here we have lined up some of their TikTok videos down beneath, check them out and let us know!

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@mr_faisu_07Mera pehla vlog ka Content tayyar hai. So guys go and subscribe my YouTube channel ☺️

♬ original sound – mr_faisu_07

@heer.naikI was literally on my tippy toes trying to make this video 😂 ##foryou

♬ original sound – vitasta

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