If you are a fitness freak, then definitely give it a read to know how Faisu maintains that damn hot body!

Faisu Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Fitness is important, no matter what! A healthy diet and proper workout can give you miracles, it builds confidence, it builds stamina, it builds self-esteem! If you are a fitness freak, you should already be knowing Faisal Sheikh, the guy with irresistible physique abs. He is the internet sensation and a TikTok star, fashion blogger and a model and has around 20million followers on TikTok and 10.5million on Instagram. His increasing admirers are hitting the peak already!

Faisal is vigorously active on social media and his constant urge to connect to his fans has made him so popular. He is humble and extremely grounded when it comes to his fans. His fans love him, his generosity and unambiguous attributes are highly appreciated by his fans and admirers. That’s what a renowned soul is made up of, no hi-fi or ostentatious behaviour yet immensely talented!

And we have managed to get his secrets to his body, his diet plan tops with 6whites of eggs +100gm oats+ 1 scoop of Whey protein in breakfast, in lunch 250gm fish + Fruit salad, in dinner 250gm chicken + 1 bowl brown rice + Vegetable salad. His workout routine is worth the follow.

We have lined up some of his workout videos as well, check and let us know if this one works out for you as well. Go fit!

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