Let’s see which season of Gandi Baat wins the crown

Gandi Baat 1 VS Gandi Baat 2 VS Gandi Baat 3 VS Gandi Baat 4: Which Is the Best Season?

The series hasn’t been rated fantastic by the viewers, as some are yet to accept the fact that “Sex is normal” and desires too. But we applaud ALTBalaji for channeling out such a concept, it is indeed a deeper study of human desires and how far a human brain could go, to fulfil them.

These series will make you see that whether you are in rural or urban India, sex is a factor which will influence you at each level. Since desires can be ruthless, and regardless of where you are and what you do, your wants can change your destiny. In these accounts, you will perceive how rural people are affected by dark and gloomy fantasies. And it’s not just men but also rural women going at any extent for sex, committing heinous crimes. The show will definitely give a chilled shiver, but you need to have zero prejudices before watching it.

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All the seasons are quite a hit and showcase different stories of sexual desires, and it is indeed a brave work to applaud, also to release it in a country where sex is a taboo! So, to rate which is the best is difficult, but we have lined up with trailers of each, check and let us know!

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