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Faisu’s life may not seem like a secret to you. But, there are certain aspects of his life that even his most hardcore of fans don’t know about. So, here they are.

Interestingly unknown facts about Mr Faisu

The famous TikTok star has made most of us wonder about his phenomenal abilities, although he has showcased most of them on his popular social media handle. His ability to grab the attention of the people, be it with his looks or his dancing abilities or the quirky videos that he uploads, is second to none. But, what many of us may be wondering is, where did the name “Faisu” originate from? How did he make his way into the lives of so many people, entertaining them and fascinating them.

The truth is, “Faisu”, the-man-of-many-talents, is no different from you and me. Before he turned into the personality that he is, he lived right here in Mumbai. He completed his school education from the IES New English School in Bandra. And, his further education came from the honorable Rizvi College of Art, Commerce & Science. He has since made the decision of kick-starting a career in acting, blogging and other penchants that he had. Ever since he has gained popularity on TikTok, he has become a very well recognised social media influencer. With millions of fans who are absolutely in love with him and his wacky hairdo, “Faisu” has taken the world of social media by storm.

Faisu is an incredible personality, very influential and we here, wish him only the best.

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