The Bollywood Diva Song is must watch...

Kangana and AIB slays it with The Bollywood Diva Song

Kangana Ranaut has been topping headlines for a while now. With the series of promotions for Kangana’s recent upcoming movie Simran, she collaborated with AIB squad to make a promotional video. The video is quite hilarious and is titled ‘The Bollywood Diva Song’, aiming all the stereotypes attached to the term Diva.

The video starts with Kangana as Priya, a common name for a lead actress in a movie and staff working on a set setting up for an item number/wedding song. There are many instances where it is shown or compared how the actresses are treated on a set… for instance the script that is given to Priya is written on a toilet paper. Or when Priya complains to the director about the script being illogical with the fact that she being a physicist the director ignores her suggestion, while when the lead actor comes along and makes the same suggestion the director regards it as a loophole that needs to be changed.

Priya being frustrated by this biased and sexist behaviour voices out her opinion through a song. So without further delay let’s take a look at this video.

So did you get all the references? Like when Priya refers to Shah Rukh Khan about him featuring the actresses name before him in credits, but still gets paid more. And the lyricists slayed by adding the line about actresses being half the age of actors age by calling it pedophilia. Honestly though, this is the first time we have seen someone taking a shot at one of the big ones. Later on, lyrics go on to say a killer line on nepotism taunting Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar.

Apart from these potshots, this video also refers to many issues that a Bollywood actress faces. Like no matter what they say they are called feminazi. This video is a sly representation of how differently an actor and an actress are treated on set. But we would applaud the end of the video where the lead tells Priya to stop or he will replace her. And he does replace her, eventually indicating that no matter what the industry is run by the biggies and it will run according to them.

Good attempt.

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