Do you all believe it when we say that CarryMinati has a striking resemblance with Mirzapur’s Divyenndu Sharma aka Munna Bhaiya? Well, CarryMinati has himself felt this, when he has had fans coming up to him and congratulating him for his good work in Mirzapur.

This fact was revealed recently when CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar appeared on the show What Women Want which is hosted by Kareena Kapoor Khan. That was when he said about the similarity hitting him hard.

He was quoted saying, I get this a lot, people call me Munna Bhaiya. They come up to me on the streets and congratulate me on my performance. Divyenndu and I look very similar. I accept their congratulations.”


Isn’t it an uncanny resemblance? We bring on few pictures of the two here.

Do you also feel that CarryMinati and Divyenndu Sharma aka Munna Bhaiya look similar?