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Biswa Kalyan Rath is a stand-up comedian who became a rage on the internet in 2015 when he started uploading his standard clips. These clips were an instant hit and people started recognizing him as a stand-up comedian.

Need a weekend dose of comedy? Watch Biswa Mast Aadmi by Comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath

The comedian has distinguishing ability to spin hysterical bits around nail cutter, pomegranate or scenery like words which have earned him a loyal fan base. But soon after becoming viral on the internet he stopped strangely without posting more vines on the internet.

After the lapse of 18 month period, Rath came back on the internet with his new stand-up clip on his channel ‘Biswa Mast Aadmi’

His jokes reflect his apparent frustration and the reason for his departure from standard Indian comedian’s YouTube strategy.

Biswa mast Aadmi is a special clip in which storytelling has been weaved. There are basically three personal stories that incorporate joke segments in between them.

The first story talks about getting into trouble while studying in 6th grade in a school. It was an attempt to showcase oneself as cool. Biswa has concluded the story in the manner which is rarely seen in Indian comedy.

His ample confidence and anxiousness are well portrayed in his speedy dialogue delivery which at times makes the audience miss the funny moment in lines.

In the second story, he recounts college days. This is the longest bit in the show where he tries to touch upon topics like childhood wishes of learning to play guitar or common lies that parents tell their children in selecting their career.

Biswa uses signature narration technique in which he quickly modulates his voice between the different characters. This is remarkable again in this clip. His peculiar ability to change his voice tone narrating impression or venting his inner frustration out is truly appreciated by his audiences. He is capable of playing multiple characters in the short span of two minutes.

Need a weekend dose of comedy? Watch Biswa Mast Aadmi by Comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath

In this part alone, he switches gear by introducing ‘Jokes without friends’ segment. Here he delivers short jokes one after another, non-stop. The category of jokes varies from asking for directions, making fashion statements, future of sports, the difference in reality and fiction and other subjects that bring around funny moments in absurdity.

All these elements together haven’t lowered the energy of the show but have infuriated interest of viewers.

In the final story, Biswa has given intricate details which he delivered with excellence, generating required waves of laughter from audiences.

The story begins with the fantasy on cricket which usual Indian kids pursue. This story is primarily associated with sports in the eighth grade.

Biswa admitted in the clip being sure of becoming a comedian since childhood.

The clip from Biswa is worth watching to have your needful dose of weekend comedy. Besides having overly speedy in delivering his dialogues at places, Rath’s fan followers would gladly follow him for his out of the box delivery of punches and phenomenal performance where has shed the skin of regular YouTube stand-up comedian. He has donned the cap of a competent storyteller who can use his personal incidences and stories to make his audiences laugh mostly and think at times.

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