Beyond Music have got the two influencers together for a music video for a cause, proceedings of which will be donating One Million Masks.

Social media influencers Adnaan Shaikh and Jumana Khan unite for ‘One million mask mission’

Social media influencers are a rage nowadays and two of the prominent names of the sector, Adnaan Shaikh and Jumana Khan have come together for a music video and to support the cause to donate One million masks. The song is conceptualized by Viral Motani & Pakkhi Hegde, founders of Beyond Music.

“Donating One million masks is a very noble cause and we are glad to contribute towards it. Supported by a lot of public figures from all sectors varying from entertainment to politics, we have Adnaan Shaikh and Jumana Khan along with singers Hardik Tailor and Divya Bhatt representing our song.

“All 3 of them have taken to the streets in Mumbai, Surat, and Dubai reaching out to hundreds of people from the force as well as commoners. Our idea is to provide a mask which comes without any ill hazards and is very beneficial because of its 3 layered protection”, says Viral Motani of Beyond Music.

“I am glad to be associated with a project like this. Taking to the streets, distributing masks, and interacting with people made me realise there is so much we can do for our country. I am glad Jumana and Hardik did the same in Surat and Dubai respectively”, says Adnaan Shaikh.

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