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Web series are in demand now a day. Most of the youngsters are seen spending their past time watching Web series. Mirzapur is also of the best web series which rules the hearts.

Take a quiz on Mirzapur

Mirzapur the Web series is a crime series which was realised on Amazon Prime. This web series was on the top due to is awesome dialogue delivery and the dialogues were the main reason why people loved it all. Also, the plot and storyline of this series are also awesome and perfect. This is series-of events entailing the lives of two families in the lawless city of Mirzapur. This series entirely revolves around law, drugs and guns as it is crime-related. This is all that has created a fan following for this show.

This full of entertainment and fun and a worth watching web series. Mirzapur Web series ruled the hearts of many viewers and if ruled yours also and loved Mirzapur than here is a quiz for you:-

When does this web Series realise?

Have you watched all the episodes of the series?

Have you ever missed any scene of Mirzapur?

Have you loved every scene of Mirzapur and feel that the plot and storyline are unique?

What is the real name of Kaleen Bhaiya’s in the series?

Who is the series wins the election of the college?

Who is the main cast of Mirzapur?

Which is the best scene of Mirzapur?

Who is the one who finds Beena’s affair with the servant Raja?

Who gives orders to Munna to kill Kaleen Bhaiya?

Have this series given you any message?

Are you eagerly waiting for Mirzapur second season?

Does this web series has a spark that you loved it?

If you have answers to all the questions above and if you nodded yes to all the questions, then yes the series Mirzapur have ruled your heart also.

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