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Everyone is waiting for the second season of Mirzapur

Various Possibilities for the plot of Mirzapur 2

Everyone is holding their breath and waiting for the announcement of Mirzapur 2, which is expected to release in 2020. The Amazon Prime Video original series Mirzapur was a crime drama thriller series starring Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Divyendu Sharma, and Shweta Tripathi. The series revolves around the story of two brothers Guddu and Bablu, who are forced by the situation to join the mafia boss of Mirzapur and ends up with them on war with his unworthy and power-hungry son, Munna.
Here is a possibility for the plot of the next season of Mirzapur.

In the new season, it might be a big time for Bablu’s family to repent for his death, while his father will make serious attempts to end the evil regime in Mirzapur. Sharad will get hold of Guddu, which might turn out to be his support during the end of the season and headache for Kaleen Bhaiya. Bhabhi will continue supporting Munna as she thinks it will set her free. Golu, with the power of the president of the campus, will get used to guns as she had seen the murder of her sister in front of our own eyes, and decline the loyalty of police inspector Gupta and will support Guddu’s case.

Here is one more possibility for the plot – Guddu would probably be more violent than before and take revenge for the deaths of Bablu and Sweety. He might also get support from different gangs. He might get support from Lala to cripple the carpet business of the Tripathi family. All the possibilities lead to the low survival rate for Munna, as he will be having more enemies than anyone else. Guddu might be using people’s sentiments and will turn the tables on Munna, which will be supported by JP Yadav. Also, it is predicted that Bina will kill Akhandanand’s father, which will lead to the downfall of the Tripathi family and the rise of another power, which might be Guddu or Sharad.

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