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KRAFTON, a South Korean manufacturer, stated that PUBG would bring out a new range of avatar modifications in collaboration with K-pop star Black Pink.

PUBG Battlegrounds, a famous smartphone battle royale application, is getting a K-pop facelift. PUBG was teaming with K-pop superstar BLACKPINK to launch the new line of avatar modifications and in-game chores, according to South Korean creator KRAFTON.

New parachute skins, an airdrop design, additional emote, and more are among the new enhancements. Followers of the girl band will also be able to play their most recent hit, ‘Lovesick Girls,’ in the videogame.

Players will have to engage in unique in-game event objectives to accumulate points in order to obtain the PUBG x Black pink products, as per the official word on the PUBG Battlegrounds official twitter handle.

Gamers can get up to 37 modifications, along with a level 3 helmet and contraband vouchers, during the tournaments, which were scheduled to take place between August 8 and September 7. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa will all have their own cosmetic packages, which will include themed hair, a costume, a nameplate, a headgear, a firearm, and an emote. The new features are part of the PUBG 13.1 Update, which is presently available in the game.

PUBG will release a number of thematic features across many of the game’s areas over the course of the partnership to celebrate all Black pink has done.

If you’re currently playing PUBG Battlegrounds for some Battle Royale excitement, you should check out this post to discover about all of the recent updates.

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