Try these different styles to wear a saree

10 Different Types of Traditional Saree Draping Style From India

1. Belt saree- Add a belt to pallu at the waist to a normal saree drape.

2. Dhoti style- Add a legging instead of petticoat.

3. Neck drape style- Wrap the Pallu around your neck just like a scarf.

4. Mumtaz style- All you need to do is layering of saree.

5. Mermaid style- Spread out the lower part of the pleats of saree to make it look like tail of mermaid.

6. Pant style- Wrap the saree and pleats for only one side and put the Pallu directly on your shoulder.

7. Butterfly style- Just make some extra pleats of your Pallu and pin it on your shoulders.

8. Lehenga style- Pleat all the 7-9 yards of the left of the Pallu.

9. Front Pallu style- Carry your Pallu from back to your right, instead of left.

10. Pre-stitched gown style- Put a net, sequin or any jacket style blouse for the pre-stitched gown style of saree.

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