Actress Sharmishtha Raut & Tejas Desai Did Their 1st Photoshoot After Marriage With India’s Top Art Jewellery Brand Aditya Art Jewellery | IWMBuzz

Aditya Art Jewellery is emerging as the numero uno brand in Maharashtra and across the e-commerce space as well

Actress Sharmishtha Raut & Tejas Desai Did Their 1st Photoshoot After Marriage With India’s Top Art Jewellery Brand Aditya Art Jewellery

The feeling of getting all dressed up remains somewhere unfulfilled until and unless one doesn’t complete the look with the right set of jewels. Well, what could be said about the industry of jewellery in India, which is a country that has since ages been popular to giving birth to some of the best designers and artisans, who in turn give birth to some of the most exquisite designs in jewellery? Long have we seen women all over the world and their fetish for buying some exclusive jewels to suit their outfits for different occasions. This passion of theirs has given the required motivation to many brands to emerge as a classical and creative jewellery brand that can make people fall in love with it instantly. One such brand that has been creating a lot of buzz since the recent past is Aditya Art Jewellery from Nashik, Maharashtra, which is an exceptional art jewellery collection that is famous all over India.

What’s even more impressive about their collection of art jewellery and the innovatively designed products they offer is the fact that they have caught the attention of many celebrities as well who are now joining hands with the brand for making people know the perfection with which Aditya Art Jewellery creates magic with their one of a kind collection of jewels at both the branches in Nashik as well as the collection they offer online through their e-commerce store.

Recently, famous Marathi actress Sharmishtha Raut got married to Tejas Desai and together the newly married couple did their 1st photoshoot with Aditya Art Jewellery, which is today considered as the top art jewellery brand.

Today, especially for the generation-go as well as other women and ardent jewellery connoisseurs, imitation jewellery comes as the best option for offering them that radiating look they desire for all the kinds of occasions. Designs and high-quality products at Aditya Art Jewellery give women that confidence with which they can easily carry any look to suit their choices and different events they wish to wear them.

The various products they offer include necklace sets, earrings, bangles and mangalsutra. In a very short passage of time, the brand has shown its prowess and grown not only across Maharashtra but also across India with his growing e-commerce site as well.

Looking at how Aditya Art Jewellery is growing each passing day with collaborating with celebs like Sharmishtha Raut and many others and the kind of trust they have instilled in all their customers proves their ‘mettle’ in the vast jewellery industry. To keep knowing more about their products, follow their website, or even download their app “Aditya Jewellery App”.

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