Kendall Jenner and Late Princess Diana are one of the most famous personalities known world wide. Kendall Jenner is a USA based model, business woman and a young billionaire; while Princess Diana is better known as the member coming from the royal family of British lineage.

Late Princess Diana was always glorified and still been looked upon as a fashion icon by many commoners and celebrities too. She was a woman who possessed an angelic aura wherever she went. Her pretty face and her forever memorable beauty will always be loved. Kendall Jenner is this young diva who is no less, when it comes to fashion choices and self confidence. She is highly regarded by her fans for her taste in fashion. Kendall seems to have been in love with the outfit that Princess Diana had worn because Kendall Jenner styled the most stunning off-duty look of Princess Diana. Amazing women as they are, it is really difficult to say who has slayed the look better. Is it Kendall Jenner or Princess Diana?

Here’s the glimpse of the picture: